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Baba Malay is the language of the Peranakans, also known as Straits born.

February 2022 Intake - Beginner's Class

Baba Malay Beginner's Class

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Helpful Links

Comprehensive Site for the Peranakan Language - (This website also contains a free Baba Malay dictionary)

Baba Malay Website

Definition of Peranakan by Britannica


Information on Peranakan (Straits Born) Community


Currently, Baba Malay is on the list of endangered languages.

Endangered Languages Website

Historical Trajectories of Baba Malay and Its Role in Heritage Promotion of the Peranakan Community in Singapore by Lance Wu

Synergy Article

Peranakan Malay - Keeping the language alive - by Denise Lee

Denise Lee Article

Baba Malay Dialect by Tan Chee Beng

Tan Chee Beng Study