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Darklight on Theresa Fuller

Saturday, 27th November 2021

Can a head hunter be romantic? Checkout my latest post on the Darkside Down Under Blog.

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Girls can Save the World - Blogging Down Under

June 2021

As I researched my latest book on folktales - The Girl Sudan Painted like a Gold Ring - what I learnt about the Sea Dyak women shocked me. This was a race of head-hunters, and yet in many ways these people were more enlightened than other races at that time.

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September 2019

When Jessica first approached me regarding an arc of THE GIRL WHO BECAME A GODDESS, I was so happy. You see Jessica is from Malaysia, and even better, she is from Malacca.

I felt the connection at once!

Jessica was one of the people whom I had hoped would love my collection of folktales, and not only did she love the collection, she also requested an interview.

If you want to read my interview with Jessica, take a look:

Endless Chapters Website

Illustrator: Isabella Latorre



Coming! - Peranakan Cookery

Chocolate Cake you can freeze

If you're like me, always on the run, then what I like to do is bake a chocolate cake days before a birthday then freeze it. This takes the stress out of having to bake the day before the birthday party.

Then the day before, I pull out the cake. Defrost. Ice.

Actually, I let my kids do the decorating. They have so much fun! And whatever left over mix is plonked into muffin cases. This way you get to taste the cake without having to wait for the birthday!

This is going to be one of the recipes that I intend to put into my recipe book.

May 2019


This month I am sharing a favourite recipe with author Leslie Sartor.

I am cooking broccoli.

Simple. Healthy. And always ready to be turned into a feast.


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Past Interviews

June 2019
In her review, Gabrielle Estel did something no one else has done yet. She added her own story to mine and in doing so she personalised the stories. Wow! And then she did something that got me even more excited. She shared my stories with her students, some of whom KNEW these stories! Finally, Gabrielle ended with the impartation that she was going to further research into the background of these stories! This is precisesly what teachers live for! To know we have lit a spark! And to see that spark go on into a blaze! Thank you Gabrielle! You have made this teacher extremely happy!
Elle Reads Blog

Gabrielle also kindly posted about my collection of folktales on instagram.

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